Comparing Printed Pens to other forms of Advertising

Advertising is, of course, the catalyst to both generating new business and keeping old. Printed pens are without doubt one of the easiest and cheapest methods of disseminating your company's name to a wider audience. When comparing the benefits of promotional pens in comparison with other forms of advertising, it is imperative to take a number of different factors into consideration and this will help to elucidate just what an important cog in the marketing machine printed pens can be. Obviously, the most essential element that needs to be considered when it comes to marketing and advertising is that of available budget. Not every company will have the same advertising budget as major corporations like Microsoft and SKY but many will be astonished by just how much good can come from making use of printed pens.

Printed Pens are a safe pair of hands

Finding the right form of advertising or marketing for you is instrumental to the continued success of your company's business operations. Printed pens are an extremely good jump off point for any businesses' marketing strategy and will ensure them much repeat business each year. Looking at the advantages of promotional pens in comparison to other advertising practices such as billboards is quite revealing as to how successful printed pens can be in terms of return on investment (ROI). Some other commonly deployed marketing methods include:

  • Billboards – In comparison with printed pens, billboard advertising is considerably more expensive and, in the majority of cases, will only be in place for a matter of days or weeks. Promotional pens, on the other hand, can last for well over a year and will serve as a constant reminder of your business throughout this time.
  • Newspaper Adverts – Whilst not as expensive generally as billboards, newspaper adverts are often beset with similar problems. For example, they are not as targeted as printed pens because anyone can read a newspaper whereas promotional pens are usually given to someone who has already used your services which means they are likely to use them again.

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