How to make sure your Printed Pens Succeed

Using promotional pens is one of the most popular tactics used by charities and fundraisers. Promotional pens have been used for years in direct mail campaigns. And it's a tactic that taps into some basic fundamentals of persuasion. In a world where we are bombardPromotional pens are far from a new phenomena but there are just as successful today as they've always been and this is why 2009 is likely to be another big year for the printed pens market. It is clearly apparent that there are literally millions of promotional pens in circulation in the UK and this means that you will need to go that extra mile to ensure that your printed pens have what it takes to stand out from the masses and be memorable in the minds of your customers. Fortunately, there are a number of things a business can do when picking promotional pens which will ensure that they have the desired effect of being both functional for customers to use and memorable when it comes to that customer requiring your company's services.

Printed Pens – Taking your Marketing Seriously

If your company is looking for a cost effective and efficient means of keeping your business in the mind's eye of consumers, then promotional pens may well be the ideal solution. When picking out your printed pens, some features which it is prudent to consider include the following:

  • Green Credentials – In the current climate of environmental concern and emphasis on recycling, it is a good idea for a company's printed pens to explain their eco-friendly values. For example using recycled pens is often a possibility for those businesses who are concerned about lowering their impact on the environment.
  • Dare to be Different – There is, of course, nothing wrong with promotional pens in black or white but in order for you company to stand out in the eyes of consumers, it may prove to be more fruitful to add a dash of colour to your printed pens because this will leave a longer lasting image in their mind.
  • Consider Multi-Functionality – Printed pens which have a dual purpose, such as acting as a key-ring as well, are much more likely to be frequently used by consumers and when it comes to retaining their loyalty and custom, this is obviously very important.

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