Make Printed Pens Part of your Marketing Strategy

There are many tricks of the trade that can be commonly used to make a company’s marketing strategy stand out from the crowd but one which impact is often underestimated is that of printed pens. Even in a business world increasingly dominated by the internet, you cannot downplay the value of holding a physical piece of marketing, such as promotional pens, can be when it comes to securing customer loyalty and repeat business. There are clearly many tangible benefits of seeking out the services of a reputable provider when it comes to stocking up on printed pens because they will often act as a form of calling card for your business and it is crucial they don’t leak, dry up too early or generally don’t look the part. When done correctly, promotional pens are one of the most useful and cost effective marketing tools going and it is little wonder that most businesses intend to incorporate printed pens into their marketing strategy in 2009.

What Type of Printed Pens are Right for you?

Once you have decided upon the colour, message and style of your printed pens, it is imperative to decide on what actual type of pen you will use for your promotional pen needs. Looking at the characteristics of the various types of printed pens that are most commonly used will help to establish which are most applicable for your own particular needs. Some of the most popular promotional pens include:

  • Ball Point Printed Pens – These are invariably one of the cheapest options when it comes to purchasing promotional pens which make them the obvious choice when you are buying en masse.
  • Roller Ball Promotional Pens – This variety tends to offer a more fluid writing experience and these promotional pens offer high levels of performance alongside the most important aspect of working as a marketing tool for your company.

What is important to remember when it comes to printed pens is the fact that if the pen is of a sufficiently high quality, a customer will use it again and again which, obviously, significantly increases the likelihood of them using your services.

Searching for Printed Pens? can help

We take great pride in providing you with highly competitive prices, fantastic print quality, a wide selection of products to suit your budget, rapid delivery, free artwork preparation service and a friendly, efficient approach. Our skilled staff has an in depth knowledge of the products and printing process and are always on hand to answer your questions and help you find the product that best meets your requirements. For further information, advice or to place an order please call: 0845 2572396

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