Printed Pens – Big in Business

Printed pens are probably the biggest business gift. In fact, it's almost expected that a company will issue their own promotional pens. Everyone has at least one printed pen either in their workplace or in their home. Promotional pens are routinely sent out and used in marketing campaigns by businesses and charities. The printed pen has become such a success story thanks to its simplicity and functionality.

Printed Pens are Big Business

According to the Promotional Products Association International, it's estimated companies that specialise in producing promotional products have an annual turnover of around $19 billion. And promotional pens make up a huge proportion of corporate gifts. The success of the printed pen lies in the fact pens are always useful. Even in today's digital age, pens are paramount for most offices. And the printed pen is an affordable way to get into people's lives, workplaces and homes. Whether you use a promotional pen to write a shopping list or to edit an annual sales report, using a printed pen works subliminally. The printed pens work by reinforcing brand imagery, slogans or logos. Making a brand familiar is crucial if a product is to succeed and become a household name, or stand out from its competitors.

Promotional Pens 'Popular'

Printed pens are popular with businesses and clients too because of the functionality of the gift. There are many occasions where we have to root for a pen - having promotional pens around is incredibly practical. The impact of printed pens shouldn't be underestimated. One psychiatrist has come forward during the debate around using printed pens in American clinics and hospitals. The pens are sent from pharmaceutical companies hoping to influence doctors with their branded pens. Dr Phillip Freeman who works as a psychiatrist in Boston told the press that those who said they weren't influenced by promotional pens 'might be suffering from denial'.

Printed Pens for Long Lasting Impact

Printed pens are popular for businesses as they can be used as part of a highly targeted promotional campaign. Using a traditional advert, the impact lasts as long as the advert is on display. But printed pens represent an ongoing campaign and using promotional gifts and merchandise works in the long term by building new relationships and strengthening existing relationships with current customers. Printed pens work as your target audience continue to use and appreciate the gift.

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