Printed Pens – Make Them Effective

When you decide to purchase some printed pens, knowing how to make them look effective is crucial if your marketing campaign is to be a success. There are a few things you need to take into consideration, so it is worth drawing up a few sketches within your marketing department before you go ahead with the printed pens purchase.

Printed / Promotional Pens – The Importance of Placement

Think about your company colours and corporate logo. If you are a large, well established organization then using your corporate branding to full effect is very important. There will be those that already know of your business and those that don’t, so you have to appeal to both markets.

Consider the placement of the company name and be aware of the printing area restrictions. Naturally, this will be indicated to you when you place your order or browse for your selection, so it is worth bearing in mind.

Nearly every company has a particular font that is used, so you might want to incorporate this on to the promotional pen to make it an exact replica of your company branding. Do you have any logos that represent your brand? Even the simplest logo addition can be a smart touch to the printed pen, and it will stick in people’s minds.

Printed Pens – The Essential Additions

Another key strategy is to get maximum exposure as well as making it easy for people to get in contact with you. Consider your main business outlet; if you have a bricks and mortar high street business for example, you might want to include the company address on the printed pens. Alternatively, if you are trying to promote your new website, this is a great way to get noticed - simply place the website address underneath the company name or logo and it will make it easy for people to get in contact with you.

It is important that you think logically about your printed pens. When distributed in workplaces they will inevitably end up on people’s desks next to the computer. The computer has internet access and will therefore tempt people to look at the pen in front of them and input your web address, thus gaining traffic to your website and increasing your visibility in the Search Engines.

Printed Pens – Think About Colours

If you make your promotional pens aesthetically pleasing, there should be some good business generated from your marketing campaign. However, be careful that you don’t try too hard to get people’s attention with garish colours and suchlike that will mean the promotion of your business gets lost and forgotten about. Make your printed pens appealing to both genders by choosing colours suitable for everyone.

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