Promotional Pens - Effective Brand Awareness Techniques

Using printed or promotional pens may seem incredibly simple and straightforward in today's digital marketing culture, but in fact promotional pens are highly effective and highly targeted. Promotional pens have endured thanks to their effectiveness. So if you're thinking about investing in promotional pens, here are a few considerations for an effective brand awareness campaign.

Promotional Pens – Consider your Market

Like any marketing or advertising campaign, it's crucial that you consider your target audience when choosing the kind of promotional pens you want. For a company that specialises in high-end, luxurious goods, the printed pens they choose should be high quality. Metal pens for example will look and feel more expensive than plastic ones. Consider the colour scheme on your printed pens – dark colours connote quality and stability, light, bright colours suggest a more fun vibe. Using the existing brand colours and any slogans your company uses in other marketing materials makes sense as it taps into and builds on an agreed brand identity, helping raise brand awareness through colours, images or slogans.

Printed Pens Build Brand Identity

Keeping your promotional pens in keeping with your brand then is the first rule. Corporate identity and branding should be subtle and persuasive – using promotional pens is effective as all offices need pens, and printed pens have a use as well as a marketing purpose. The fact that they will be used day in day out means your marketing is working hard for you. And as such, promotional pens provide a long term impact as the pens can hang around for months, even years. Good brand management increases a company or product's perceived value. If you are a company that aims its products or services to office environments, a promotional pen can work like a Trojan horse. Familiarity with your company will help give you an edge over competitors. Effective promotional pens can work as part of a marketing campaign and brand identity strategy to help increase sales and profit. And promotional pens are relatively cost effective and affordable marketing materials offering a potentially huge return on your investment.
Promotional pens work by simultaneously working as part of a marketing campaign, while building on brand identity and awareness. Brands are now taken incredibly seriously in today's competitive marketplace where familiarity and trust in a brand can make all the difference.

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