Promotional Pens - Boost Direct Mail Campaigns

Using promotional pens is one of the most popular tactics used by charities and fundraisers. Promotional pens have been used for years in direct mail campaigns. And it's a tactic that taps into some basic fundamentals of persuasion. In a world where we are bombarded with requests for donations in our post and junk mail, making a charity letter stand out from the crowd takes work and skill - research shows using promotional pens has a big impact.
Direct mail campaigns, whether it's for a business or charity, are difficult to do well. The public are jaded, cynical and time-poor, so the art of persuasion is crucial if you don't want to be throwing your marketing budget down the pan.

Promotional Pens – Persuasive Powers

Understanding what makes us tick is crucial when it comes to devising effective marketing campaigns of any sort. And in today's world of high tech media and technology, it can be easy to dismiss simple tactics such as using promotional pens in a mail out. But according to the famous social psychologist Robert V. Levine, whose book The Power of Persuasion: How we're Bought and Sold was a massive bestseller, a successful campaign is about understanding why and how sales works. Using promotional pens as a marketing strategy is effective in the direct mail industry – an industry that is still, despite all the odds, a multi-million pound industry.

Printed Pens – A Charity Stalwart

Knowing what will make the difference between putting your letter in the bin or getting the consumer to pick up the phone and donate money, or buy your product, taps into these fundamental selling strategies. Product placement and brand building (which can be achieved using promotional pens) are hugely powerful tools in our consumerist society, hence the fact many brands spend so much money advertising a product – often more than the product is actually worth itself. Levine identifies key influential factors: use an authoritative voice or stance – facts, education or testimonials help to persuade. Lessen the cost, by saying just 10p a day will save lives, rather than so many pounds a year. And use slogans or repetitive ads to help build consumer trust. Adding a free gift, such as promotional pens or printed pens is also a way of tapping into our desire to be reciprocal. Reciprocity is proven to influence people by making them feel obliged to respond. And by using printed pens to carry your charity's logo, it can be act as a continual reminder, prompting the user to think about your charity, getting into the homes and hearts of your target audience.

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