Promotional Pens – How To Distribute Effectively

If you have decided that you want to invest in some promotional pens to promote your business, then the next thing you have to consider is where and how you intend to distribute them once they are ready. There are two essential parts in making this marketing strategy effective: the first is to ensure you get professional looking printed pens ordered and the second is to make sure you distribute them to the right places. Choosing a company that provides the professional service you’re looking for is also important.

Promotional Pens – Make It a Success

When you choose to order promotional / printed pens then you have to ensure you have a plan of action in place for when they are complete. Where will you distribute them? What are the cost implications? Making sure you have a member of staff in your company solely dedicated to implementing marketing strategies is important if you want it to be successful.

Think logically about where you need to distribute your promotional pens; are there any local events coming up that you can go along to, armed with lots of pens promoting your company? Perhaps you would find it easier to speak to the event organisers and ask them to distribute your pens for you? This will also mean that your pens reach the event offices as well as the general public.

Printed Pens – Direct Marketing

It might be worth setting up a small booth at your local event with your company name visible on a banner stand or suchlike. People stood quite far away should then be able to see your stand and be intrigued enough to walk over and take a look. Handing a promotional pen to them will mean they can take it home and think of your company in the near future. The beauty of pens is that they are light, inoffensive and appealing. People love free things, and even a pen can put a smile on someone’s face.

Promotional Pens – Personal Choice

If you don’t want to spend on travelling costs in order to attend your local event, then you may prefer to send the printed pens direct to the workplace or suchlike. Direct marketing such as this is an effective way of getting the attention you deserve, without having the hassle of setting up a promotional stand at an event etc. The way of distributing your promotional / printed pens is really down to personal choice but there are many different ways to ensure your company is noticed.

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