Promotional Pens – The Power of the Pen

Promotional or printed pens clearly have persuasive power judging by a report in the New York Times.

Promotional pens may seem like harmless gimmicks fostering good will, but the impact of using printed pens to influence and persuade is causing some concern in America. When it comes to selling a product or promoting a company, the art of the promotional pen is to prompt the receiver of the pen to act reciprocally and support the company or product on the printed pen. And judging by the pharmaceutical industry in America, it's a highly effective marketing strategy. So much so, that a voluntary ban has been introduced on promotional pens and promotional gifts aimed at American clinics.

Promotional Pens Persuade Medics

The use or promotional pens and printed pens may sound harmless enough, but branded goodies ranging from mugs to mouse mats are, critics say, subliminally influencing doctors to use particular brands. In American, medicine is big business as the country has no equivalent of Britain's NHS. Private health care costs can be huge. And because it is such a lucrative business, the pharmaceutical industry has found itself the target of many printed pens or promotional pens, aimed to foster good will and encourage or influence medics to buy their particular pharmaceuticals or products. The strategy clearly works, as the voluntary moratorium on printed pens and branded freebies is being taken seriously.

The Power of the Printed Pen

Printed pens may seem harmless enough, but in fact promotional pens clearly have a big subliminal impact. Using a branded pen with slogans or logos that become increasingly familiar is a way of effectively building brand awareness. Although this may be seen as unethical in some fields such as pharmaceuticals in America, it shows how successful using promotional pens can be for many companies seeking a cost effective, high impact marketing campaign. The more useful the branded object, the more likely the object will get used and the more visible the brand is. Printed pens are therefore the most popular object when it comes to branding. And promotional pens hit just the right note – if expensive, luxurious products were used and branded it would simply look like unabashed bribery. The power of the pen is still a mighty one when it comes to nurturing customer or client loyalty.

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